Prospective Scholars



In order to be considered for our program you must meet the following critieria:

  • Be a high school senior or junior college transfer student
  • Have attended high school in Santa Clara County or San Diego County (this application is distributed throughout the high schools in these counties)
  • This is for low income families- if you are accepted, you will be asked to provide supporting documentation, i.e. tax returns
  • Have already been accepted to a 4-year, accredited university

All applicants will be notified by mail or by telephone as to acceptance or decline.
Reward amounts are dependent upon individual need.

We generally accept 2-5 new students per year.

What to Expect if You Are Accepted

As long as you make grades and are enrolled as a full time student (paperwork supporting this must be provided), you will be a part of our program for up to 4 years.  You will become a part of a large network of current students as well as graduates. These connections have a broad range in majors, schools and life experiences that can provide many opportunities.